Penis Enlargement

Nowadays, the development of aesthetic surgery and the return of patients to their normal life increases the diversity in aesthetic surgery really fast. The patients are determined with courage in many applications because of the results. Penis enlargement and the process of thickening is one of the applications that we mentioned above. When the results obtained are evaluated, this procedure is applied for more and more men day by day.

The most preferred method of Penis enlargement and thickening is fat injection. The fat injection has started to be preferred in plastic surgery in recent years. Recently applied methods ensure that the injected fat does not become absorbed by the body too much.

The fat injection which is done by experienced surgeons has increased the chance of success.

The fact that the patient does not smoke for 7 days after the procedure allows the applied fat to live more in that area.

Sexual abstinence is recommended for 21 days after fat injection. During this time, sexual intercourse will be traumatized penis, some fat will not hold to tissues, will melt.

The operation takes approximately 1 hour. The amount of fat used in penis thickening usually ranges from 50 to 100 CC, which is the filtered amount. The broken and liquified part of the fat is discarded and the remaining untreated, live-cell containing part is used for penis thickening. When injecting the fat, injections are made in such a way that the cannulas and the injection lines are crossed with each other at the multiple entry points. At this point, the fat is distributed equally around the penis. After the operation, the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day.

In general, these operations are carried out together with the lengthening process. In the lengthening process, both the release of the “penis-supporting ligament” from the front of the penis and the extension of the penoscrotal junction under the penis is performed.

As a result, the penis thickening gives a more satisfying result than lengthening. The elongation does not exceed 3 to 4 cm under the best conditions, but a significant result is obtained for the thickening. Usually, the circumference of the penis is extended from 7-8cm to15-16cm. As some amount of the fat injected will be lost in a certain period of time, we always tell the patients about a possible need of a second session. If the patients do not smoke and if they follow the recommendations, the fat injection gives the best results.

Even though penis thickening is preceded by some ready-to-use materials other than fat, some dermal grafts prepared from cadavers, dermal-fat tissue transplants taken from the patient’s groin, all of these methods have many disadvantages. Today, the most advantageous method of thickening the penis is the one with the fat taken from the waist circumference.

Penis-lengthening surgery has no effect on erection or libido. Extension and thickening give completely physical results. These surgeries have no effect on libido, erection, or fertility. If there is pre-ejaculation, this will not help it. The ability to have children does not increase nor decrease, it does not lead to infertility. The sensitivity of penis does not change either. The nerves that provide the sensation of the penis come from under the pelvic bone together with the penis texture. These nerves are not likely to be damaged during this operation.


Frequently Asked Questions


– Does penis enlargement surgery affect libido (sexual desire)?  

 It does not increase or decrease the libido. There is no effect.


– The fat injected in the thickening of the penis is said to be lost and damaged in the testicles; is it true?  

Such a thing is not possible. The fat tissue injected under the skin of the penis does not slip downwards. The fat tissue is not fluid, there is no way the penis can slide from under the skin to the testicles. No way.


– Does penis enlargement surgery reduce erection?  

Penis enlargement surgery does not affect erection; edema on the penis can last very long in patients who are only recently reoperated (for example, in the case of 2-fold thickening operation with 3-month intervals), so there may be some difficulties on the erectile functions after the first months of the operation. For this reason, it is recommended that at least 6 months should be exceeded for the 2nd session.


– Will penis enlargement surgery cause infertility?  

Penis enlargement surgery has no effect on fertility.


– Is it good to get a penis enlargement surgery for pre-ejaculation?  

This type of surgery does not treat pre-ejaculation or late ejaculation.


– Does penis enlargement surgery affect penis sensation?  

During the surgery, the procedure is performed on the areas that are not related to the nerves, so there is no injury or loss of feeling in these nerves. Immediately after the operation, there is the possibility of slight numbness that will last for a few days, depending on the thickness and edema, which will resolve spontaneously.


– Does penis enlargement surgery cause a decrease in erectness during erection?  

This can happen if the penis binding is completely severed; however, but with the techniques developed in recent years, this connective tissue is no longer cut completely. The intact lower half of the joint allows the penis to stand upright during the erection.


– Could penis enlargement surgery make penis shorten?  

The penis is not shortened during enlargement surgery, but if penis thickening operation is also performed in the same session, the penis may appear to be shortened because it will expand at the same time. This is completely an illusion, so it may seem as if the penis is not lengthened as it is thickened.


– Do I have difficulty urinating after penis enlargement surgery?  

Penis enlargement surgery does not affect urination at all. Patients can immediately urinate normally after surgery.

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