Samu (헝가리)

매우 깨끗하고 따뜻한 분위기였다. 마치 고향처럼 느껴졌다. 6개월이지나고 오즈게박사는 오직 결과의 60%만 봤다고 했지만 너무 만족한다.


헝가리에서 온 친구와 함께 이스탄불에서 우리의 첫번째였고 모든 것이 좋았다. 호텔과 공항 픽업도 아주 좋았다.

Tamas (헝가리)
Fabio과 Aaron (스위스)

우리는 모발이식 수술 결과에 매우 만족한다. 다음번엔 지방흡입 수술을 받을 것이다:)))


‎아름다운 이스탄불에서 멋진 사람들을 만나고, 맛있는 식사를 하고, 무엇보다 전문 외과의사인 오즈게 에르균 박사의 완벽한 모발이식 수술을 볼 가치가 있었나요? 네, 네, 네. 정말 고마워요. 제 꿈을 실현주셨어요.

Antoni (폴란드)

행복한 환자의 비디오 (코성형술)

행복한 환자의 비디오 (모발이식)

행복한 환자의 비디오 (모발이식)

행복한 환자의 비디오 (코성형술)

Galden (U.K)

It was not easy for me to decide if I should do it or not. After a few in house consultation in the UK, France and Germany I gave up Later on a friend of mine had a plastic surgery with Dr Ozge Ergun in Istanbul.

She was so happy about the result,clinic and staff. So I decided to go there with my husband. The staff are great. I loved the VIP treatment I received. Dr Ozge took time,explaining everything me and my husband we needed to know. He is not trying to push anything you do not need. At the evening after the surgery he personally called my husband and updated him how the surgery was. I appreciate that and I definitely recommend him for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you…


Was is worth to see beautiful Istanbul , meeting wonderful people, having delicious meals and above all having a perfect hair surgery in the hands of a professional surgeon Dr Ozge Ergun?
Yes yes yes .
Thank you so much guys. You made my dreams come true.

Antoni (Poland)
Tamas (Hungary)

With my friend from Hungary it was our first time in Istanbul and all was great . The hotel and airport pick up was very good.

코성형술 전후

베이저지방흡입술 전후

모발이식 전후

코성형술 부목을 제거하기


I did have a rhinoplasty and also a canthopexy with Dr Oz yesterday. The totally paid was 4900 Euros. There is a package witch includes:
The 2 procedures, 1 night at the clinic
Hotel stay in at very clean and cozy hotel in the area of Nisansati. It is one of the best districts shopping in Istanbul ? You will find Chanel, Lv and many other high end class designer stores. Hotel is cozy, clean in my room I have all what I need and it is new ?
Transport from when you land in Istanbul to when you leave.
All the medicines requiere

And the more important you will be in the best hands to take care of you.

I chose Dr Ozge, because my friend did recently a nose job with Dr Ozge. She was happy with the all over result and hi did a great job.

Before here nose job people though she was older than she was. She is 25 and now she just look even younger than her age.

My case is that I already have 2 nosejobs done the past 15 years and my nose needed to be smaller and pointed as I like. I also did my eyes (canthopexy) 1.5 year ago in Colombia, and even though the dr did a great job he was somehow a little bit careful ( I don’t know) and I don’t think my eyes was like I really wanted.

From the moment I start talked to Dr Ozge, I feel in great hands!

The Dr answer all my questions and did let me know what was possible to do for me. You have to remember that he is repairing a job somebody else did and that means he have to be the best. Think about he have to go and is my nose for the 3rd time…and make it look like it was the first time! And sure he did!

First time I got in contact with Melten, was the 10 of February and here 2 months and 1 day later I lay in the hospital bed, very happy with what I see.

Melten, it is an amazing, lovely and funny woman. She is dr Ozge assistant and will be the one you will have most of The communication with, but the Dr is available to answer questions if you may need.

Melten, was with me the whole waiting time,before my surgery. It was like having your sister or best friend with you. I travel alone to turkey so having her by my side made disappear my nervousness.

I really recommend Dr Ozge, for nosejob and if you want to have your eyes like and beautiful and exotic almond ?

Thank you Dr Ozge. I already looking for the next visit to Istanbul.

Ps. Before and after photos will be posted after I get remove my plaster and stitches this week ?

Mamitadk (Denmark)
Jokela (U.K)

I did so many researches for a good surgeon in Europe and Turkey before I had my surgery with Dr Ozge Ergun. All questions were answered quickly and detailed.I did many online consultations for being sure to be understood and I did it. Dr. Ozge is truly a “Butt” surgeon. He transfered 1200 cc on each cheek. Other surgeons were talking about 500-600 cc on each side which was not enough for me. He is only 4 hours far away from UK and it is worth it ! If you are looking for the most experienced Dr for this procedure in Europe and Turkey, go to him and you will not regret it 100%. His staff and his office coordinator Mel are just as great as himself. It was a great experience with them . If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t go to anyone else than Dr Ozge. Can you give me some more stars as 5 stars is not enough for him !


We are very happy with the Fue surgery results . Next time we will come for Liposuction:)))

Fabio and Aaron (Switzerland)