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Fiona (Trinidad And Tabago)

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your ultimate commitment to patient care and satisfaction.Your compassion, empathy and dedication are readily apparent and I will not hesitate to tell any and all about the outstanding care you all have provided on a regular and ongoing basis!It is truly difficult to find the words to fully express how amazing I feel and how happy I am.From the very first minute I walked through the doors of your office, I felt 100% cared for.Your staff is wonderful. I’ve never seen an entire group of such superb people under the same roof. The care Fernanda has given me melted away any fears I could imagine and kept me focused, excited and fully prepared for my surgery. She has helped beyond expected on my stay in Turkey. Dr. Ozge is a fantastic surgeon,I really appreciate all of his hard work,I’m glad I placed my confidence in him,it’s been a positive experience. …he has the best bedside manner of any Dr. I’ve ever met. I couldn’t be more satisfied and I’m very pleased with his work. Best regards, Fiona.

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I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ozge Ergun called Dr Oz and his staff! I spent a lot of time searching for the right plastic surgeon.His before & after photos and Reviews here definitely impressed me. After talking to him online I decided to set my surgery with him. I enjoyed asking him a lot of questions during the consultation and he answered any and all of them. The clinic was great, very good design, friendly and trained staff. The surgery (vaser liposuction and fat injection to butt) went well. The first night I had a little pain but it was ok and solved it with pain killer injections which they gave me at the hospital. I had 3 post op controls and everything went well and 1 week after the surgery I got my medical report and went home. Incredible how fast vaser liposuction shows the results. I know that I have to wait as still 2,5 month past but for now I am happy and recommend it….

Kronen (Finland)
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Katiahal (Germany)

For me it was a very easy decission to do the surgery with Dr Özge Ergün as 2 of my best friends had surgeries with him (Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty). The only problem for me was the timing as I am working and I had to travel to Istanbul for 1 week.Finally on 22nd June I did the surgery.

I was looking for a abdomin

oplasty surgery as my stomach looked like I was pregnant but Dr Özge did not recommend it to me as there was no sagging issue and in his opinion my skin type was very good.

Finally during the consultation before the surgery he added 3 more areas which he thought it would be better for me for the final result and I accepted it.

The surgery took 2 hours and 15 minutes. I did not had any bleeding or any liquids came out.

Today is my 12th day and I am still keeping the pressure garment (3 weeks I have to wear it). The healing procedure is going well. Now I am on the worst stage with sweelings but all other things like walking,sitting laying down,getting up,taking a shower is easy and not like it was told to me. The pressure garment is a little uncomfortable but I can work and this is the most important for me.

6 areas with 6 kg fat removal. Can’t wait to see the final result. Thanks to Dr Özge Ergün,his staff and the hospital staff which took great care of me. I really recommend im as it is worth it.

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Kamila Y. (Algeria)

I would like to thank my super Doctor Ozge Ergun for his magic!

Now I m very happy with my nose and I understood well the importance of breathing

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Galden (U.K)

It was not easy for me to decide if I should do it or not. After a few in house consultation in the UK, France and Germany I gave up Later on a friend of mine had a plastic surgery with Dr Ozge Ergun in Istanbul.

She was so happy about the result,clinic and staff. So I decided to go there with my husband. The staff are great. I loved the VIP treatment I received. Dr Ozge took time,explaining everything me and my husband we needed to know. He is not trying to push anything you do not need. At the evening after the surgery he personally called my husband and updated him how the surgery was. I appreciate that and I definitely recommend him for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you…

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I did have a rhinoplasty and also a canthopexy with Dr Oz yesterday. The totally paid was 4900 Euros. There is a package witch includes:
The 2 procedures
1 night at the clinic
Hotel stay in at very clean and cozy hotel in the area of Nisansati. It is one of the best districts shopping in Istanbul ? You will find Chanel, Lv and many other high end class designer stores. Hotel is cozy, clean in my room I have all what I need and it is new ?
Transport from when you land in Istanbul to when you leave.
All the medicines requiere

And the more important you will be in the best hands to take care of you.

I chose Dr Ozge, because my friend did recently a nose job with Dr Ozge. She was happy with the all over result and hi did a great job.

Before here nose job people though she was older than she was. She is 25 and now she just look even younger than her age.

My case is that I already have 2 nosejobs done the past 15 years and my nose needed to be smaller and pointed as I like. I also did my eyes (canthopexy) 1.5 year ago in Colombia, and even though the dr did a great job he was somehow a little bit careful ( I don’t know) and I don’t think my eyes was like I really wanted.

From the moment I start talked to Dr Ozge, I feel in great hands!

The Dr answer all my questions and did let me know what was possible to do for me. You have to remember that he is repairing a job somebody else did and that means he have to be the best. Think about he have to go and is my nose for the 3rd time…and make it look like it was the first time! And sure he did!

First time I got in contact with Melten, was the 10 of February and here 2 months and 1 day later I lay in the hospital bed, very happy with what I see.

Melten, it is an amazing, lovely and funny woman. She is dr Ozge assistant and will be the one you will have most of The communication with, but the Dr is available to answer questions if you may need.

Melten, was with me the whole waiting time,before my surgery. It was like having your sister or best friend with you. I travel alone to turkey so having her by my side made disappear my nervousness.

I really recommend Dr Ozge, for nosejob and if you want to have your eyes like and beautiful and exotic almond ?

Thank you Dr Ozge. I already looking for the next visit to Istanbul.

Ps. Before and after photos will be posted after I get remove my plaster and stitches this week ?


Mamitadk (Denmark)
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Jokela (U.K)

I did so many researches for a good surgeon in Europe and Turkey before I had my surgery with Dr Ozge Ergun. All questions were answered quickly and detailed.I did many online consultations for being sure to be understood and I did it. Dr. Ozge is truly a “Butt” surgeon. He transfered 1200 cc on each cheek. Other surgeons were talking about 500-600 cc on each side which was not enough for me. He is only 4 hours far away from UK and it is worth it ! If you are looking for the most experienced Dr for this procedure in Europe and Turkey, go to him and you will not regret it 100%. His staff and his office coordinator Mel are just as great as himself. It was a great experience with them . If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t go to anyone else than Dr Ozge. Can you give me some more stars as 5 stars is not enough for him !

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1 month ago I made myself more beautiful and sexy and Dr. Ozge Ergun help me in best way. I was searching good doctor for 2 months but when I saw picture of works of Dr Ozge Ergun I get in love immediately!

I contacted with clinic and they respond very fast. I get all instructions. Everything seems easy and it was true. From the moment I pass door untill I back home they support me for 100%! 24 hours contact! I stay 4 days in Istanbul and I enjoy everything! Now i look perfect and happy!

Always pleasure to deal with professional team! Thank you from all my “big” heart ))) Fernanda! For u too big thanks! U distract me from worries and nervous before operation! U are good person!

Anna Mol (Netherlands)
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Mariam (Denmark)

A superb job performed by Dr. Özge Ergun. I had a rhinoplasty followed by a minor hair transplant and Dr. Özge delivered a prodigious job. This man stunned me with his absolute kindness and his need to realize my wishes. He is good at what he does and as a costumer, you can trust me when I say that you are in good hands.

I come from Denmark and our surgeons are not good here. After seeing Dr. Özge’s Instagram I was not in doubt, that he, in fact, would be my surgeon.

The hotel, which collaborates with the clinic, is also uncomplainable. The prices are reasonable and the rooms are big. I very much appreciated the air condition as well as the 24-hour reception. The employees are very nice and polite and I can only say the same thing about the staff at the clinic which gave me the impression, that this is the general behavior of the citizens in Turkey. A very big thank you to the clinic for their helping and caring. I felt comfortable from the beginning because there was no need to feel otherwise. I had to end my final consultation with a hug to Fernanda, for being a person who could look beyond her working place. All the employees are so likeable and kind and want to take care of you, even after the money is transferred. I highly recommend the dr. Özge Ergun’s clinic with a +5 stars.

~ Mariam

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Amazing doctor, with an amazing crew! The whole experience was excellent! The doctor is very professional and is not money oriented, he will not do what is dangerous for your health even if you insist on it! I am recovering very well, on the fourth day post-operation I was already out with my friends, and feeling good!

The whole crew was so caring and thoughtful, they guided me through the whole procedure and answered all my questions 24/7 before and after the surgery.

Candyfloszz (Sweden)
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fedevil06 (Italy)

I performed rhinoplasty at Dr. Ozge Ergun’s clinic on March 14th, and today less than a month I am really very satisfied with the result of maximum naturalness It is proportionate to my physical features. The doctor is a very human and kind person, surrounded by a very competent and helpful staff.

The clinic is very hospitable and clean in a very nice setting. A very positive experience from the first to the last day of my stay in a beautiful hotel 2 steps away from the doctor’s office. Congratulations to this fantastic people.