Dr. Ozge Ergun

Ozge Ergun, MD was born in Bafra, 1973. He graduated from the faculty of Medicine Gata in 1997. He served for two years at Cyprus Turkish Peace Force.

He has 17 international scientific publications and 6 national publications.

Ozge Ergun, MD has also ranked number one and two in the competitions held by Turkish Society of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in clinical and experimental fields.


Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Turkey: 1990-1997
Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey: 2000-2005


NewAge Clinic, Co-founder & Senior Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey: 2012-2018

The Next Big Thing, Faculty Member, ISHRS Regional Advanced Live Surgery Workshop on FUE Method, Istanbul, Turkey: 2011

Transmed Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Senior Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey: 2008-2012

Kasımpaşa Military Hospital, Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey: 2008-2012

Gümüşsuyu Military Hospital, Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey: 2005-2008

Cyprus Peace Force, Patrician Cyprus: 1998-2000


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the form of the nose is reconstructed. Nose is among the most prominent features of the face. For this reason, it would be quite difficult for a person to avoid in their daily life any feeling of discontent they have for their own nose.


For the last fifty years, breast augmentation operations are among the most performed plastic surgery interventions.



Liposuction Surgery comes out of a need fat cells increase and damage the ideal shape of the body.The tissues which maintain the energy balance in our bodies are the fat cells. These cells are located both under the skin and in the abdomen as protective buffers.


The area where a young face is connected to the cheekbone area and the lower eyelid to the cheek is plump, rounded. The first symptoms of percentage aging are the displacement of the cheek fat tissue downwards.


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