Frequently Asked Questions

Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for rhinoplasty?

As the nose is still growing up to around 17-18 years of age, I advise my patients to have rhinoplasty surgery after this age.

Is rhinoplasty a painful operation?

Rhinoplasty is not accepted, particularly as a painful surgery. Latest technology in medicine can easily avoid pain. In general patient, feedbacks are just having mild discomfort.

How long does a rhinoplasty operation take and what changes the surgery length?

The length of the rhinoplasty surgery changes by the complexity of the procedure or the efficiency and experience of the surgeon. Most rhinoplasty procedures take about 1-2 hours.

Are there any bruises at rhinoplasty operation?

In the majority of cases, most bruising fade away approximately in 6-7 days. Only a few patients who have very light skin color and thinner skin may get extensive bruising. These cases mostly heal around 2-4 weeks in total.

Is there any preparing need to before the rhinoplasty surgery?

Consultation with the patient and identifying the existing problems and the wishes are the keys to a successful surgery. The desired result should definitely be in conformity with the patient’s expectations so that the patient is satisfied with the new form of their nose.

How to decide which technique to use in rhinoplasty surgery?

Mostly we decide the method of surgery during the consultation with the patient. In the majority of my cases, I prefer the open method which is %70 of my nose job surgeries. %30 of the cases are closed rhinoplasty as it is a better option for those patients.

When do patients return to normal life after rhinoplasty surgery?

After rhinoplasty surgery, the cask should stay on the nose at least 6-7 days. After removing the cask I leave a transparent plaster 3-4 days more. In total 10 days later there will nothing on the nose.

Of course, when we remove the cask there might be some swelling left but anyway at the end of the first month we see %80 of the surgery result.

What’s the revision rhinoplasty surgery?

Revision rhinoplasty means a secondary-surgery for the correction of a patient who had a rhinoplasty before. In general %5-10 of the cases is revision rhinoplasty. The revisions mostly happen related to the unexpected behavior of the skin or cartilage.

Revision rhinoplasty is usually more complex than primary rhinoplasty, that is why it is more challenging and rewarding procedures in facial plastic surgery. Choosing an experienced surgeon for revision rhinoplasty can help you out.

What’s the nose collapses after rhinoplasty surgery?

In some cases, the tip of the patient’s nose may remain bent downwards after swellings related to the operation decline. Nasal collapse should not occur as long as the operation is performed properly and we see it very rarely. It is mostly seen in the old methods of closed rhinoplasty surgeries.

When do the patients start playing sports after rhinoplasty surgery?

Patients are not permitted to exercise for at least 3 weeks after the rhinoplasty. Contact sports should be avoided for at least 6-8 weeks after the rhinoplasty surgery. Using eyeglasses also should be avoided for 6-8 weeks. Afterward, the patient may go back to the normal routine.

What’s the golden ratio in rhinoplasty?

The human facial features are based on Phi and Golden Ratio proportions. There are many examples of Phi and Golden Ratio proportions on the human face they are also called as the Divine Proportion or Golden Section.

The nose and mouth are both placed at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin, but of course, these ratios are different in man and woman.

That is what we care about during the rhinoplasty and many other aesthetic surgeries.

What’s the cartilage transfer in rhinoplasty surgeries? Using in which situations?

The choice of method mostly depends on what the cartilage is needed for ear cartilage is more likely to warp than rib cartilage because it is thinner and softer than rib cartilage and if it is needed for nose tip, ear cartilage is much better. If it is needed to build up the nasal bridge, the rib graft will be the best choice but ear cartilage is also will be enough.

Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

In which situations breast implant and breast lift operations are performed?

Some patients might have inadequate breast tissue. In case of a gland and fat tissue decrement due to breastfeeding and for the patients with saggy nipples, we definitely need to apply silicon prosthesis procedure for breast lifting. For this reason, we are trying to obtain a certain volume by combining breast implant and breast lift procedures.

How many techniques are there for breast reduction surgery?

Although there are hundreds of technics defined for this surgery, we can categorize 3 or 4 technics by the type of scar. These are the periareolar scar that occurs around breast, keyhole or lollipop scar that occurs vertically around and under the breast, anchor technic that is shaped like an upside-down T; we can use all these technics for breast lifting and breast reduction operations.

What is the youngest age to be eligible for breast reduction surgery?

Every woman over the age of 18 may have a breast reduction surgery. But, usually slightly overweight and newly gave-birth people have this procedure.

When will the final result achieve after breast reduction surgery?

We see the results for breast operations within 3 – 6 months. We advise patients to use the sports bra for the first 3 weeks and we see the final result within 3 – 6 months.

Is it reasonable to have the breast reduction if I never gave birth?

We usually perform breast reduction surgeries in case of back pain and lower back pain. If breasts are not saggy and distance to nipple is around 20-25 cm, the patient may have the surgery without worrying about breastfeeding. But, in case of the aforementioned distance goes up to 28 – 29 cm and breasts are very saggy, it might affect capabilities of breastfeeding as the patient ages.

What is are differences or similarities between breast reduction and breast lift operations?

Breast lifting, mastectomy or breast reduction have differences. Technics and scars are similar.

Mastectomy procedure performed by lifting the breast without removing breast tissue.

Breast reduction procedure performed by removing and reshaping breast tissue.

How long does breast reduction operation take?

Breast lift operations take around 2 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. It is advised for the patient to stay at the hospital overnight.

How long do patients need to stay in Istanbul for breast reduction surgery?

For breast reduction surgery, the patient should stay in Istanbul for around 5-7 days.



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