At society, women’s sexuality and problems related to this region can not be negated. An unusual appearance in the external genitalia of a woman can become a problem that affects one’s psychology and sexual experience negatively and can not be shared with anyone. It can lead the woman to feel ugly or insufficient, to avoid sexuality.

It consists of female external genitalia, labia majora (external lips), labia minora (internal lips), clitoris, hymen and vagina. Problems with this region may be inherent or post-pregnancy deformations.

Congenital problems may be associated with external genital organs such as internal genital organ abnormalities, no development, overgrowth, or abnormal development. This condition may be detected at birth or may occur during adolescence with regl problems. In cases where the uterus or vagina does not develop, sex anomalies are investigated by detailed hormonal examinations.

Congenital external genital organs may develop more or less in adolescence due to structural reasons. This directly affects the person’s psychology during adolescence. In these women with normal gender, undesirable appearances can be corrected with esthetic practices of the genital area.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy, birth, excessive weight gain or aging can also lead to loss of fertility and sagging in the genital area.

The aesthetic surgeries to be applied for the resolution of deformations in the genital area should be selected according to the region in question.

Reduction of Internal Lips (Labia Minora)

This process is also called ‘Labiaplasty‘, the most commonly applied genital aesthetic surgery. The inner lips are normally larger and may be saggy. This can create both aesthetic and hygienic problems. Labiaplasty is a 30-40 minute operation and should be performed under anesthesia in hospital conditions. Hospital stay is not needed. On patients wish it can be perfomed also under local anethesia or sedation. The excess mucosa will be cutted and body absorbal stitches will be used. Up to 10 days after the surgery the patient should pay attention to hygenic. Pain may be felt during sitting for a few weeks after the operation. After 3 weeks the person returns to sexual life.

Aesthetical External Lip (Labia Majora) Surgery

Often, in weak patients, sometimes with external aging, the outer lips lose their density, the kiltoris and inner lips are not covered by the outer lips and an undesirable appearance occurs. In this case, the fat from another region of the patient’s body will be taken,prepared and injected into the outer lips. It can be applied with local anesthesia, often does not require stitching. The person feels comfortable after the surgery and can return to sexual life after 1 week.

Pupis Aesthetics

Pubis is a bony, protruding part under the belly. While standing, all can be seen from the outside, followed by large lips. At younger ages, a hard and tense appearance can hang, shed, or become fattening with increasing age, or the fat mass can become more prominent. Most of the complaints in this area are excessive mass and fat accumulation. Lubrication in the pubis region prevents wearing pants, even can be seen from a dress. In this case liposuction will solve the pubis problem with great extent. This surgery can be performed under sedation or with local anethesia.

If there is sagging in the pubis area, it may need to be lifted up and excess skin to be removed. This operation can be performed together with abdominoplasty (abdominal stretching) surgery, or can be done alone if the person does not need abdominoplasty. The scar is the same like a C-Section scar. It can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation and the person can return to Daily life after 2 days.

Vagina Aesthetics

The vagina may have enlarged after birth, the episiotal sutures and slits at birth may have healed badly. This condition which affects the aesthetic appearance and function can be solved by a Vaginoplasty Surgery. It is necessary to stay away from sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

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