Gynecomastia Enlarged Breast in Men – FAQ

Gynecomastia Enlarged Breast in Men – FAQ

- January 12, 2018

How long gynecomastia operation takes?

Gynecomastia operation takes around 1-2 hours.

Does gynecomastia operation applied by local anesthesia? Is there a need of general anesthesia for gynecomastia?

Operations are usually applied by using local anesthesia and sedation.

Is the surgery necessary for gynecomastia? Are there alternative treatment methods?

Surgery is necessary for gynecomastia. It is not possible to fix it by regular diet and exercise.

I am taking aspirin daily, is it an issue for my gynecomastia operation?

You should mention usage of aspirin and any other blood thinning drugs to your doctor before the operation. You might need to stop taking these drugs for a certain time before the operation.

How long am I supposed to be stay in hospital after operation?

You will be released from the hospital on the same day after gynecomastia operation.

How much pain will I feel and how long feel I feel this pain after gynecomastia operation?

You would not feel any pain, thanks to painkiller taken orally.

When I can return to my social life after operation?

Since the corsets, which will be used for two weeks, are under the clothes, you can return to your social life after the second day.

You can start your sports activities by the third week.

What kind of scar will I have after operation?

If only the adipose tissue would be taken out by liposuction, there will be no scars. If the open method is applied, there will be a slight unnoticeable mark.

Are there bruises after operation?

There can be temporary bruises and swellings on operated area.

Would enlarged breasts occur by gaining weight after operation?

The operation result is permanent, but enlarged breasts can occur again in case of gaining too much weight.

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