Hair Types and Hair Frequency

Hair Types and Hair Frequency

- January 8, 2018

First few questions from the newly hair transplanted patients: ‘can I style my hair like old times?’, ‘Can I have long hair?’ and ‘which side can I comb my hair too?

These questions are undoubtedly welcomed after a successful hair transplant operation.

Even it is thought that there are several answers to these questions, the only correct answer is that hairstyle should be determined in correlation with hair frequency.

When their hair loss starts for the first time, many men comb their hair through to front in order to cover the bald areas.

This is logical but also a temporary solution. Even this necessity is partly eliminated after hair transplant; it would be beneficial to use this style until having sufficient hair frequency in order to have a natural appearance.

The benefits of this hairstyle can be explained as: every tip of hair follicles combed in the same direction creates tow times thicker appearance along with hairs in the hairy area. This performance can increase hair frequency and hair thickness. If we have a shorter haircut on sides and back of the head than hair transplant area, the contrast with hair transplant area will be reduced.

It is a fact that patients with curly hair have advantages on the matter. Many areas will have the improved hair frequency at the same time with natural and dense appearance.

We should remember that hair styling alternatives will increase in correlation with the increase in hair frequency per cm2. Remember to consult with your hair transplant performing plastic surgeon on the matter.

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