F.A.Q Nose Job

F.A.Q Nose Job

- January 7, 2018

There are always question marks on the minds of patients about a nose job. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions of these questions you are curious about;

1. How the doctor should be chosen?

The hardest decision is the doctor’s choice in nose aesthetics because nasal aesthetic surgery is an operation that needs to be delicacy and rigor.  You also need to be knowledgeable about facial anatomy. To decide on this, you should review the operations that your doctor has already performed. You should also evaluate the number and variety of operations that your doctor has performed up to now.  Your doctor’s approach to you is also very important.

2. Is nasal aesthetic surgery a painful procedure?

Nasal surgery is a painless operation. Post-operative silicone supplements do not cause pain and do not affect breathing.

3. Are there any bleedings during a nasal surgery?

Nose Jobs are absent from non-bleeding surgeries. The possibility of bleeding is reduced to a minimum with pre-operative examinations. For example; Individuals with high blood pressure are more likely to have bleedings after a nose surgery. Bleeding may occur if pre-operative blood thinners are used.

4. Is there an age limit for a nose job?

The age of nose surgery is 18 for males and 17 for females. There is no upper limit. Nose aesthetic surgery can be done in all seasons.

5. What should I do before a surgery?

Since general anesthesia is applied in the operation, it is important that the stomach is completely empty. This is why you should not drink and eat for 7 hours before your nose job surgery. The first meal should be given to you after 3 hours.

6. Will there be any scar after the surgery?

There will be no traces that can be seen in the daily life of post-operative people.  Only the first few months after the operation redness can be seen.

7. When will the bruises pass away?

Edema and bleeding seem to be diminished by the developing technology. The passing time of the bruises is a condition that develops depending on the characteristics of the skin of the person. Usually, the bruises recovery time is 10 days after the surgery.

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