After Breast Augmentation Surgery, Common Questions

After Breast Augmentation Surgery, Common Questions

- February 20, 2018

Is it important to wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation surgery?

Normally, each surgeon can have their own recommendations about wearing a surgical bra and it’s decided according to your surgery results.

If your surgeon has recommended wearing the surgical bra, it would be helpful to support your implants. In my practice, I provide my patients with a surgical bra after breast augmentation surgery.

How soon can you get tattoos after breast augmentation surgery?

In breast augmentation treatment process, you should avoid any intervention to your breasts at least 4 months. When you have the approval of your surgeon about the completion of the breast augmentation treatment process, you can get or remove a tattoo.

How soon can I go on holiday after breast augmentation surgery?

You should be able to go on vacation by 3-4 weeks after your breast augmentation surgery. But this is valid only with assuming postoperative recovery is uneventful. If any unexpected incident happens in your treatment process, this time can be extended or shortened.

How can I decide the perfect size for me?

Breast implant type and sizing selection is a complicated process and there are certain measurements for deciding the perfect size for a patient.

It can be decided by a detailed consultation and examination with considering your expectations.

Following these steps will narrow the range of implants that would be appropriate for you.

How soon can I fly after surgery?

The majority of breast augmentation patients need one week of downtime. Besides, flying after a procedure is dependent on the type of procedure and length of recovery.

In order to avoid any problems, you should plan your flight with following the instructions of the surgeon operating on you. In my practice, I advise my patients to stay minimum 6 nights in Istanbul after the surgery.

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