When is the Best Time to Have Breast Augmentation

When is the Best Time to Have Breast Augmentation

- July 22, 2019

We all know that, breast augmentation which is also referred as Breast Implant Surgery, unlike some other surgeries, can be performed any time during the year. But is it ok to wait summer-time for breast augmentation.

First month after Breast Augmentation Surgery

The first couple weeks ( around 4-6 weeks) the new breasts will be tight, high and larger than you expect. You will feel like you are wearing a permanent push up bra. This is the post-op period where you are expected not to perform intense training or cardio due to the increased risk of post-op bleeding and also not to soak in still water like sea, pools, SPA, Turkish Bath, etc.. due to the increased risk of infection after breast implant surgery.

3 Months after Breast Surgery

3rd month is the period where you can finally see that your breasts are looking and feeling like a part of your own body as they are softer. Finally, time to figure out what cup size to wear.

6-9 Months after Breast Surgery

Up to 6-9 months numbness or tingles or hypersensitivity especially on the nipples is perfectly fine and also, your breasts look fantastic!

Final Result of Breast Augmentation

One year…you are now considered as fully healed, the incisions are considered mature. Please check our before and after photos website

Tips for Breast Implant Surgery

You may have Breast Augmentation Surgery 2-3 weeks before your summer vacations and look wonderful at the seaside; however, swimming may cause minor problems.

As the size of the breasts look bigger than you get used to; you will feel awkward and think that everybody’s eyes are on you. Feel free no one is looking at you.

You may start work unless it needs serious physical performance and consist of lifting heavy, after 2 weeks of your breast augmentation.

Sport activities should start gradually after 2 weeks

You need to stay in Istanbul at least a week to heal properly before you take the flight back home. You may check All Inclusive Breast Implant Package details here.

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