What is The Real Reason for Decrease in Fue price?

What is The Real Reason for Decrease in Fue price?

- January 8, 2018

FUE hair transplant prices dropped a lot in recent years. What is the reason behind this drop?

When FUE hair transplant methods were being applied in 2004, it was taking longer time (2-3 times more) to apply compared to Fut hair transplant method; for this reason, FUE hair transplant prices were higher.

In the years of 2007 to 2009, FUE hair transplant prices were dropped in correlation with the increase on the speed of follicle collecting; since the operation time was shortened, the prices were dropped but they were still two times more than Fut method.

In 2009 and recent years, FUE hair transplant operation length was reduced to 7-8 hours; therefore, the prices dropped to current levels.

FUE hair transplant performed by unqualified people, even by a hairstylist; and the prices might be cheaper. In hair transplant centers you can have hair transplant by doctors for the right prices.

What is the time for hair growth and when it is lost?

Before the explanation for the hair life cycle, it is normal for you to lose around 100 hairs per day. It is important to see a doctor if your hair loss is higher than this.

Our hair has 3 sections of its life cycle:

Anagen Phase (Growing phase) lasts 2-6 years. In this process, your hair grows 10 cm every year. 85% of our hair is always in this phase.

Catagen Phase (Cessation phase) lasts 2 weeks. Hair follicles shrink in this phase and prepare for rest phase.

Telogen Phase (Rest phase) lasts 1-6 months. In this process, hair does not grow but holds on the follicle. Some hair will be lost in this phase in regard to aging. 10-15% is always in this phase. After completing the rest phase, our hair returns to the anagen phase.

How can I be sure that operating doctor understands my demands fully before the hair transplant operation?

First of all, make sure your doctor is a certificated plastic surgeon who is authorized for this operation.

Is he/she paying attention to you during the consultation?

Is he/she listening to your questions? Or is he/she talking about the operation in classic sentences?

Does your doctor realize the missing information and informing you about those subjects?

Can he/she present his/her expertise and experience on hair transplant visually?

Did he/she make a plan for operating areas on your head?

These points above will help you, but it is always beneficial to have an opinion of an alternative doctor.

Is the price determined by follicle count or hair count in FUE hair transplant?

Follicle count is definitely important for FUE hair transplant; but as mentioned before, the frequency is not only determined by follicle count. It is applied 1.5 hairs in some places and 2.6 in other places. Hair situation in donor site, the location of the transplant area and frequency of hair will change this average.

Is hair color important for hair transplant?

Hair color contrast with skin color may affect hair transplant performance. None of the hair colors but grey and white affects operation length and performance. Grey and white hair should be dyed with temporary dyes prior to FUE hair transplant.

Blond hair and light skin: they are in harmony. Hair covering effect is high due to minimum contrast.

Brown hair and olive skin: They are close to each other, and have low contrast. They provide high covering effect for transplant.

Dark hair and bronze skin: They have low-level contrast. Covering effect can be gained.

Dark hair and light skin: They have the highest contrast. Covering effect is comparably lower after the hair transplant.

Would an experience of trauma cause loss of transplanted hair?

I had transplanted hair eight (8) by using the FUE method. Everything went smoothly about healing, hair growth, and hair frequency. I lost a close friend at the end of autumn, and then I had a car accident in the same week; all of these worn me out both psychologically and physically. My wife helped to realize a large amount of hair loss I was experiencing. Can I fix this situation by taking medicines?

Being healthy is more important than hair loss.

It is common to experience hair loss after experiencing trauma. It can be fixed by time or help of supportive treatments. Seeing our doctor will be the right step. If you are taking any medicines for your current situation, you should share it with your doctor. It would be helpful to consider side effects. You might need to see a doctor for your psychological trauma.

All our family members are experiencing sudden hair loss.

I live with my family in a foreign country due to my job. I and my wife are experiencing intense hair loss in the last four months. Lastly, our 15-year-old son started to experience hair loss.

It is possible to have hair loss due to environmental factors. It is essential for you to determine the reason for this issue. Seeing your doctor, and get your house checked by the authorized officials of your country would be a smart move.

I hit my head two weeks after hair transplant operation. After one year, there is no hair growing on the area I hit.

It is possible to damage follicles by the hit. Therefore, that area and surrounding areas might stay as bald. Because of local anesthesia, it is common for patients to hit their head in the first few days after the hair transplant. You might need to see your doctor in this case.

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