Breast Enlargement Aesthetics

Breast Enlargement Aesthetics

- January 12, 2018

Breasts are organs that develop and form until the end of puberty. The breast can lose their shapes due to breastfeeding, wrong bra usage, and gaining and losing weight. Lose of form after breastfeeding and birth can cause unpleasant appearance. This and likewise issues are all women’s problems around the world. Several methods were developed in esthetical surgery in order to solve these issues.

In breast enlargement aesthetic surgery, prostheses are implanted through the specific cuts on breasts. If there is bagginess in breasts, this also can be solved by the same operation. The extra skin can be removed, and straighter and bigger breasts can be provided.

It is up to performed processes to determine the changes in enlargement level after breast enlargement aesthetic surgery. In order to observe the change, it would beneficial to take a picture prior to surgery.
Breast implants used in breast enlargement operation include body-friendly and cancer-free materials. Patients should have no worries on this matter.

These prostheses are separated as:

  1. Ones with serum physiologic
  2. Ones with silicone-gel

Prostheses are also separated due to their shapes:

  1. Round prostheses
  2. Teardrop shaped prostheses. Teardrop breast implants are more suitable for breast structure.

Prostheses application areas in breast enlargement surgeries

  1. Nipple surroundings
  2. Under breast curve line
  3. Armpit area

Breast enlargement aesthetic surgery is a process that is applied by using the suitable prostheses for the patient through the proper cuts. It takes around an hour with local anesthesia and sedation. Breast enlargement patient can be released from the hospital the same day or next day in regard to patient’s complaints. It is not advised to lift heavy thing or performing sports for a while. Even it is different for everyone; the surgery is not a very painful procedure.

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